Recent work



The Just Transitions project, on decarbonisation in Australia, was a significant piece of work conducted across two continents. It consists of a major 150+ page multi-author report, alongside an executive summary, domain-specific policy briefing documents, and a series of webinars. We are also planning other potential outputs from this work. Confirmation of these will come in due course.


Writing is central to much of what I do, and has been both profession and hobby. Before my PhD I was a writer and journalist, and lately I've been experimenting with short fiction, examples of which you can find on the USNI blog and at Royal Holloway. I've also been interested in screenwriting in the past; I've visited an Avengers set, and one screenplay even got me an agent in LA.


Research impact is a core focus for me, particularly in terms of policy and strategy. In 2020, for example, I was part of a team competing in the national Cyber 9/12 strategy competition, where we took on the role of senior advisors to government, briefing our response to a complex and escalating cyber-attack to a panel of judges. Our team came third. I also have an understanding of local politics from an internship with an MP.


Always a hobby, I've long had an interest in design—graphic, product, and in terms of the process mindset. This ranges from an interest in user experience research to informally designing logos and branding. I designed this website, and I was on the organising committee for the 2021 Cybersecurity Summer School where, amongst other work, I designed the branding for the event (see the t-shirt mockup, left).


Thinking about social justice issues and the distributional impacts of emerging technologies underpins my current work—and this interest in social issues has been in factor in past work too. I've done voluntary work in a couple of settings, including working alongside ambulance services and vulnerable people on busy nights in a city centre, to name one example.